Plymouth City Centre Company

Plymouth City Centre Company

PARC's involvement in the city centre is closely linked with the City Centre Company and is very appreciative of the administrative facilities and support that the company has made available to PARC. In addition PARC is always involved in the regular Checkout magazine distributed by the City Centre Company to all businesses in the BID area to ensure that PARC's profile is maintained.

Following implementation of the BID, an investment by the City Centre Company of £100,000 for dedicated Police Community Support Officers was made. This enabled the city centre to have two additional PCSO's, thus securing four in total for the city centre.

This facility was not only of great value to our city centre community but also to the PARC scheme, by providing a visible security presence, deterring crime and antisocial behaviour, offering shoppers and retailers a friendly face for help and advice, all working together as a team to further enhance the shopping experience of Plymouth city centre

So what are PCSO's?

How do I contact my PCSO's?
Via the BID Hotline - 0845 111 44 00 by selecting Option 2.

Initiatives like police statement training, keyholders database, business CCTV database and in-store security training would not be possible without the daily involvement of the additional PCSO's with PARC being very fortunate to have in the city centre PC SO Tori Goodman as a link between the police, retailers, CCTV and PARC

BID Hotline Card

Other initiatives which the BID have delivered have helped PARC, include the purchase of a mobile CCTV camera and the creation of an excellent Clean Team, managed by Kathy Davey of the City Centre Company. The Clean Team are available to quickly tackle litter and remove graffiti.

The most well known BID initiative is the BID HOTLlNE CARD. This card provides all the city centre businesses with direct access to the BID Clean Team, PCSO's, City Centre Management Team, CCTV control room and the PARC Manager.

To date over 3000 BID Hotline Cards have been issued to members.

This is a unique facility to Plymouth so please make sure you have a card. If you require an additional card please contact Kathy Davey, Street Operations Manager at the City Centre Company on 304054.

All this in conjunction with the PARC scheme gives the city centre a positive and attractive appeal ensuring our city centre remains one of the safest city centres in the UK