M-R-S Communications


Company History

M-R-S Communications Ltd are proud to be the largest independent supplier of communications equipment in Wales. Since the company was founded in 1978 we have strived to bring together the best in technology and expertise available, including our acclaimed range of two way radio, along with electronic control equipment, to meet customer demands for a high quality communications solution.

NitenetOver the last few years we have developed the outstanding STORENET® radio surveillance system. After intensive investigation by the research and development department at M-R-S Communications, they took an already formidable radio and enhanced its features.… The STORENET® grade radio was born. Now with systems operating all over the UK, STORENET® has become the most comprehensive and preferred radio surveillance system available. Latterly a natural progression from this system was the emergence of the NITENET ™ system to cater for the needs of pubs and clubs during the evening and night-time hours.In addition to our excellent technical servicing, professional installation and proven track record in back up and maintenance, we are also able to offer a full communications consultancy service. Quality is shown, not only in the products and services we offer, but is backed up with the introduction of ISO9002 together with RQAS confirming our commitment to high standards.


StorenetStorenet ® is the most comprehensive retail radio surveillance package available in the UK today. Storenet ® is a two-way radio system that links all participating retailers in a town centre to each other, the police (depending on local police policy) and where applicable, the CCTV unit and/or town wardens.This enables the rapid dissemination of information on criminal activity throughout the area, so that security staff are fully aware of their movements, descriptions etc.The system will allow staff to pursue criminals in the area and still remain in contact with other security staff, who could provide assistance if required.

In the event of a member of staff or security officer being attacked, the system has a built-in panic button which, when activated, sends the identity of the security officer/staff member in difficulty to all other radios on the system.The microphone is automatically activated for 30 seconds, thus enabling the user to have a 'hands-free' facility.